Tehran (IP) - Iran's Judiciary Spokesman, at his presser, called the verdict issued by the Swedish court against Hamid Nouri a scandal and subject to vehement objection.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's Judiciary Spokesman Massoud Setayeshi while answering the questions on Hamid Nouris' case, slammed the verdict issued by the Swedish court and the Swedish government's stance against the Iranian citizen.

Speaking at his weekly presser on Tuesday, he called the move a scandal, saying that the verdict was subject to vehement objection.

Setayeshi stressed that the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran will support the Iranian government's decisive measures to pursue Nouri's case while using all of its legal capacities.

Sweden has been running an anti-Iran show, accusing Hamid Nouri, a former Iranian judiciary official, of mistreating prisoners in 1988.

Tehran, however, says the case against him stems from accusations leveled by the MKO terrorist organization.

Nouri, who was arrested upon arrival at the Stockholm Airport in November 2019, has been held in solitary confinement for over two years.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Sweden on Thursday.

Knowledge-based companies, key to have smart judicial system

The Spokesman said the Judiciary is seriously using the capacities of knowledge-based companies in order to have a smart transformation of the judicial system.

In response to Iran Press regarding the measures taken to pursue and solve legal cases of knowledge-based companies by specialized branches of the Judiciary in the courts, Setayeshi referred to the slogan of the year, "Knowledge-Based, Job-Creating Production," Setayeshi stated: "The Judiciary has made significant efforts to support knowledge-based companies and protect them to fulfil their activities, as well as using the capacities of these companies for the judicial system's missions."

He noted that forensic medicine, the country's State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties, and the information and technology center of the judiciary benefit the capacities of knowledge-based companies.

He further added that in the field of dealing with lawsuits and crimes of knowledge-based companies and protecting these companies, special branches in Islamic Revolutionary Court have been considered.


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