Tehran (IP) - The 8th International Shahr Film Festival kicked off at Mellat Cineplex in Tehran, the capital city of Iran, with the participation of 78 artworks in the international section and a total of 290 works in the national section.

Iran PressIran News: The eighth edition of the International Shahr Film Festival for five days (July 18-22, 2022) will host people, artists, actors, and art lovers at Mellat Cineplex.

Several Iranian and international actors were honored at the opening ceremony of this festival.

"Majid Akbarshahi," the secretary of the 8th edition of the International Shahr Film Festival, said that this festival is being held with the slogan "Tehran metropolis, the model for the Islamic world" and various cinematographic and animation works from Iran and 112 countries of the world participated in the 8th International Shahr Film Festival.

The secretary of the 8th International Shahr Film Festival has stated that the significant presence of different countries in this festival shows that the 8th International Shahr Film Festival is well known.

According to Majid Akbarshahi, a total of 290 works in the national section and 78 works in the international team of this festival have been selected for competition.

The nominees for three of six festival sections were announced at the ceremony, and Iran's actor Jafar Dehqan was also honored.

A total of 1,871 works from 112 countries were submitted to the secretariat of the 8th edition of the festival.

India with 336, Brazil with 127, and Turkey with 112 are the countries with the highest participating films in the event.

Several countries, including Maldives, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Benin, Cameron, Tanzania, and Senegal, will participate in the event with a single film.

The festival is regarded as one of Iran's most prestigious international film festivals under the auspices of Tasvire Shahr Institute at the Art and Cultural Organization of the Tehran Municipality.


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