Tehran(IP) - Tehran's Sister Cities Exhibition presents urban management achievements and capabilities in 22 regions of the city and 18 sister cities.

Iran PressIran news: Opening on July 7, 2022, 18 cities such as Kazan, Moscow, Chechnya, Bangkok, Havana, Dushanbe, Sofia, and Baghdad are in the exhibition, each of them introducing the commonality of their countries as adopted sisters. 

15 startup and knowledge-based companies are notable points of the exhibition. 

About eight cities of the country are present in the exhibition like Yazd, Shiraz, Ardabil, Hamedan, Zanjan, Arak, Zahedan, and Bandarabass.

Also, a waste incinerator system capable of receiving 200 tons of garbage per day and the production of 3 megawatts of electricity attracts visitors' attention.

The exhibition is located at Goftego garden from 10:00 AM to 19:00 PM.


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