Baghdad(IP)- The ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Australia in Iraq reviewed the developments and the political situation in the region and Iraq.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to Iran Press, "Mohammed Kazem Al Sadegh," Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Iraq, on Tuesday, in a meeting with "Paula Ganley," Australian Ambassador accredited to Iraq at the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad, emphasized the perfect conditions of bilateral relations between Iran and Iraq.

He further pointed to the vital role of Baghdad in improving and strengthening the relations of the countries of the region and stated that the Iraqi armed forces are fully capable of providing security and defense of their country.

The Ambassador of Australia to Iraq also informed about the efforts of his country to have a more substantial presence of Australian companies in Iraq.

Among the Arab countries of West Asia, Iraq has the most cultural and religious affinities with Iran.

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Having the longest border among the neighbors (about 1258 km land border and 351 km water border), racial, historical, linguistic ties, religious commonalities, the existence of threats, and the common security and economic interests are considered essential points in Iran-Iraq relations.

Expanding relations between Iran and Iraq in recent years has always been on the agenda of the authorities of the two countries due to the many cultural, political, and religious similarities, and serious steps have been taken despite all the problems.


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