Iran and Australia enjoy unbreakable diplomatic ties: Australian ambassador

Tehran (IP) - Australian ambassador to Tehran has said that Iran and Australia have unbreakable 50 years of diplomatic relations and Australia has settled 60,000 Iranian-Australian citizens which strengthens the ties.

Iran PressIran news: In a meeting with Iran's Red Crescent Society's chief Karim Hemmati at Tehran on  Monday, Lyndall Saches stated: "I suppose cooperation at the international level can boost two sides' relations."

Expressing her condolences on those Iranians who lost their lives with Coronavisus, Sachs said that Australia is eager to expand its ties with Iran.

Referring to the world's challenge with the Coronavirus,  Australian ambassador to Tehran stated: "As long as the disease spreads globally, all counties' efforts are required to contain the virus."

"Though Iran-Australia geographically is not close, nothing can stop helping each other," said the ambassador. 

Sachs said that Iran and Australia have long-lasting relations, in particular, with Iran's Red Crescent Society. 

"Australia was one of the first countries which have tried to send humanitarian aid to Iran by Coronavirus outbreak," she reiterated. 

"Australia has allocated financial aid to Asia and Oceanic regions," Lyndall Sachs pointed, adding: "Both Iran and Australia are culturally rich in helping others."

Australia is financially rich and is not in need but respects and gratitudes Iranians sympathy and help-offering while bush-fires there.

Fortunately, Australia was lucky in comparison to other countries in the world with 160 victims and 9,000 infections during the outbreak.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press Lyndall Sachs on the level of Iran- Australia ties stated that Australia was one of the first countries that gave money to Iranian Red Crescent Society through the International Federation of Red Crescent Societies. 

The diplomat added what Australia did is a demonstration of Australia's commitment and this is an international problem that requires international efforts in order to work to find a solution.

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