In a telephone conversation with the acting head of the Taliban's foreign ministry, on Friday evening, the Iranian foreign minister called for the serious cooperation of the Afghanistan interim government in resolving the issue of Iran's water rights from Helmand.

Iran PressIran news: In this conversation, Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, while expressing the sympathy of the government and people of Iran with the victims of the recent earthquake in Khost and Paktika, emphasized: " Afghanistan's interim government should have the necessary and serious cooperation in the implementation of its mutual obligations in the field of water rights of Iran and border waters."

He added that by resolving this issue, cooperation and friendship between the two countries and the nation would be strengthened. 

In this conversation, Amir Abdollahian also expressed hope that Iran and Afghanistan cooperate to eliminate organized crime, drug and human trafficking along with terrorism.

Amir Khan Mottaqi, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, while appreciating the messages of condolence and sympathy of the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the timely delivery of aid to the earthquake victims, said: "In the current situation, it is very important to provide shelter for the earthquake victims."

The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan stressed the country's efforts to develop and expand relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He called for a delegation from the agricultural and counter-narcotics sectors to travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Amir Khan Mottaqi also welcomed the continuation of bilateral consultations and the dispatch of a specialized delegation from the Ministry of Energy of the Islamic Republic to pursue Iran's water rights.


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