Germany has deployed heavy weapons in Ukraine for the first time.

Iran PressIran news: Long-range precision weapons were deployed after Berlin was criticized for hesitating to pledge sophisticated arms.

Despite promises by the West to send weapons into Ukraine to help it fight the Kremlin forces, Kyiv complains it has only received a fraction of what it needs and is clamoring for heavier weaponry.

Ukraine says it “finally” deployed an advanced German artillery system in the latest delivery of the long-range, precision weapons that it has been calling for.

Moscow says it will respond to Lithuania’s ban on certain goods transiting from mainland Russia to its Kaliningrad exclave.

The EU envoy to Moscow, who was summoned by the Russian foreign ministry over the issue, urged Russia to refrain from “escalatory steps and rhetoric.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to strengthen the army and deploy newly tested Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles for duty by the end of the year.


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