Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei said on Sunday that the security forces along with judiciary officials in Khuzestan province should identify those linked to Saturday's terrorist attack, to bring them all to justice.

Iran/ According to an Iran Press report, speaking to reporters, he said the crime happened when Iranian people were mourning the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him). Mohseni Ejei added: "Scores of innocent people and one child were martyred".

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In further remarks, Mohseni Ejei said: "The so-called advocates of human rights under the guise of human rights commit crimes and slay children."

The point is that some countries failed to condemn the heinous crimes committed by terrorists while others did not do so, he said.

Foreign ministry, human rights headquarters, legal department of the presidential office and judiciary should pursue the case through international organizations and should push Interpol to hand over identified members of the terrorist group, he said. 

At least 25 people were martyred and more than 60 others injured during Saturday morning's terror attack in Ahvaz, capital of Khuzestan Province, in southwestern Iran.

"The terrorists disguised as the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and Baseej (volunteer) forces opened fire at the authorities and people from behind the stand during a parade," governor of Khuzestan province Gholam-Reza Shariati said earlier. The self-proclaimed Saudi-affiliated Al-Ahwaziyeh terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack. Also on its "A'magh" website, the Daesh terrorist group (also known as ISIS) has accepted responsibility for the Ahwaz attack.

Iranian forces killed three of the terrorists in a clash after the attack, and a remaining terrorist died in hospital.

Most of the casualties of Ahvaz terrorist attack are civilians.

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The terrorist group responsible for the attack is the same group that targeted Rahian-e Noor convoys visiting Iran-Iraq war sites last year.

The terrorist group is known to have received extensive support from both London and Riyadh.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) spokesman Ramezan Sharif said the attackers were affiliated to a terrorist group supported by Saudi Arabia.

Before departing Tehran for New York on Sunday, to attend the UN general assembly meeting, president Rouhani spoke to journalists and stressed: "The criminal terror attack will not have any effect on the resolve of the Iranian nation."

The president made the remark at Mehrabad international airport. He also said: "We will respond to the criminal attack in Ahwaz within the framework of our laws and taking into account the interests of our nation. The murderers will receive their just punishment."

On Saturday 22nd  September 2018, Gunmen opened fire on people from behind a viewing stand at Quds Boulevard of Ahvaz during the parade held to mark the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's invasion of Iran which led to an eight-year war in the 1980s.

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Iranian people call terrorists behind Ahwaz attack 'cowards'