The European Union’s main representative at the talks on Iran nuclear deal said in a Twitter message that he was detained with colleagues at Frankfurt Airport, in breach of diplomatic rules.

Iran PressEurope: On Twitter, the EU’s chief negotiator on the Iran nuclear deal and deputy secretary-general of the EU diplomatic service said he was detained by the German police at the Frankfurt airport on his way back to Brussels.

The diplomat later announced he was released but authorities refused to give him any explanation.

"The EU ambassador to the UN representation in Vienna and the head of the Iran task force of the EU diplomatic service was also detained separately," Mora added.

Mora pointed out that the action of the German police might have violated the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations that provides protection for diplomats.

Mora traveled on Tuesday to Tehran to hold talks with the Iranian deputy foreign minister and lead nuclear negotiator, Bagheri Kani, and other officials on resuming negotiations between Iran and other parties to the Iran nuclear deal.


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