Tehran (IP)- The director of the Foreign Publishers Committee of the 33rd International Book Fair announced the completion and approval of the qualification of 178 foreign publishers to present their works in this year's fair.

Iran PressIran News: Esmail Janalipour, the director of the Foreign Publishers Committee of the 33rd International Book Fair, also said: “14 foreign publishers have not uploaded their information yet. Shipments of books from Oman, Russia, and Qatar are customs cleared and transferred to the exhibition after clearance. Fortunately, with the help of the logistics committee, the complete arrangement of the Arabic and Latin booths has been completed, and the space for the committee of foreign publishers is ready to be established.”

Meanwhile, Hossein Safari, the director of the executive committee of the exhibition, said: “The arrangement of booths has started from the main venue in No. 15 to No. 67 and are being carried out in detail. In the educational publishers section, non-self-made booths have been prepared, and the work of determining the university booths up to 50% and the special section for children up to 70% has been done”.

He noted that the work in all departments would proceed according to the schedule. By May 6, all the necessary equipment, including electricity, cameras, telecommunication equipment, and the Internet, will be completed. Agreements have been reached with the municipality on the location of rest and welfare areas. Seven points in the entire exhibition space have been allocated for the prayer hall and six points in the main entrance to inform the audience.


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