Iraq (IP) - Iraq's former Prime Minister warned about some Iraqi factions' normalization of ties with the Israeli regime.

Iran PressMiddle East: Months ago, about 300 Iraqis, including the heads of some Iraq tribes, took part in a conference held in the Kurdistan region and called for normalizing ties with Israel. 

Following the issue, the Iraqi government announced that it rejected the meeting of Erbil's efforts to the normalization of ties with the Israeli regime.  

Noori al-Maliki, Iraq's former Prime Minister, said on Friday that the normalization of ties with Israel became a problem in Iraq, such that some political parties in the country had no problem with it.

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This is while the Leader of the Sadr Faction, Muqtada al-Sadr, has called for criminalizing ties with the Israeli regime.  

Four Arab states, namely UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, and Morocco, normalized their ties with the Israeli regime in 2020 out of the US pressure; the action provoked protests across the Islamic and Arab countries.  

Since 1948 when the US-backed regime of Israel occupied the Muslim country, it has constantly been clashing with the Palestinian people, killing them, jailing them, destroying their homes, and constructing new settlements for the Zionist settlers.


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