Yazd (IP) - The Australian Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran announced her country's readiness to cooperate with Iran in the fight against terrorism.

Iran PressIran news: In a meeting with the Governor-general of Yazd, Mehran Fatemi, on Saturday, Lyndall Sachs referred to the recent developments in Afghanistan and appreciated the generosity of Iranians in hosting Afghan nationals.

About 4 million Afghans are living in Iran, of which about 300,000 live on the outskirts of Yazd (In central Iran).

The Australian ambassador to Tehran stated that Australia and Iran share a common concern about the Taliban.

The governor-general of Yazd, for his part, said: "In the Islamic Republic of Iran, based on the religious teachings and the emphasis of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on the need for Afghan refugees to enjoy the same conditions as Iranians in the field of livelihood, health and education for more than 40 years, we have kept our arms open to millions of Afghan refugees."

"Of course, in recent years, the difficult economic situation following the oppressive sanctions of the West, the COVID-19 pandemic, recent droughts and recent political developments in Afghanistan, has made it difficult for us to achieve the desired conditions," Mehran Fetemi noted.

He estimated the population of Afghans living in Yazd Province at about 300,000 and pointed out that Australia's cooperation in improving the living conditions of Afghan refugees and migrants in the province would definitely be helpful.

The governor-general of Yazd added in the end: "We expect more and wider support in providing a favorable and humanitarian situation for Afghan refugees."


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