Tehran (IP)- In a message on World Health Day, Iran's Minister of Health praised the efforts of the Iranian health community involved in the field of treatment and fighting with COVID-19.

Iran PressIran news: In 1948, the World Health Organization convened the first World Health Assembly, which decided to designate April 7 as World Health Day each year from 1950 onwards.

"In the Islamic Republic of Iran, health sector programs have been considered as the most successful parts of the health system for many years," said Bahram Eynollahi, Iran's Minister of Health and Medical Education, in a message on the occasion of World Health Day on Thursday. 

The Iranian community of health workers in rural and urban areas, as the primary custodians of health services in the country, since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, has gained many achievements in various fields of health for the country, he added. 


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In the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the efforts of health workers involved in the field of treatment, the Iranian health community, while sacrificing precious martyrs for the health of the people, we're able to work in various dimensions in the first line of the fight against this disease, the minister emphasized. 

Minister of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education of Iran, also called Addressing healthy lifestyle and people's contribution, increasing self-care, addressing health economics, health justice and prevention, and health-based policymaking as the most critical components of health development. 


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