Afghanistan (IP) – People in Saydabad District of Maidan Wardak province, central Afghanistan, are facing problems due to a lack of medical facilities.

Iran PressAsia: Malek Mohammad Khan Medical Center is the only medical center in Afghanistan's Saydabad District of Maidan Wardak province where more than 600 patients visit daily, but due to a lack of medical staff and equipment, only 200 patients are treated.

The hospital has 40 beds, and currently, more than 70 patients are hospitalized.

Mohammad Sharif, an Afghan citizen living in Saydabad, said that Malek Mohammad Medical Center was facing a lack of medical facilities and staff, adding that not all patients could be treated.

Afghan news sources reported that since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, reports from different parts of Afghanistan indicate a shortage of medical staff and medicine in various medical centers, and patients are not being treated as before.

Officials at medical centers in Maidan Wardak Province have acknowledged medical problems in Saydabad District and called on the Taliban government to address them as soon as possible.


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