IP- A senior leader of the Islamic Jihad in Palestine (PIJ) said the anti-Zionist operation near Tel Aviv was in response to the regime's crimes and the compromising approach of some Arab countries.

Iran PressMiddle East: On Tuesday, March 29, a Palestinian gunman has killed at least five zionists in Bnei Brak, an ultra-Orthodox suburb of the Israeli city Tel Aviv, before being martyred. This is the third attack in a week.

In an interview with Iran Press in Gaza, Khalid al-Batsh stated that the Palestinian people have not given in to pressure and will continue to resist.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement leader stressed that this kind of operation is a natural right of the Palestinians. As long as the Zionist occupiers assassinate the Palestinian leaders, they should know that revenge will be taken against them.

Shooting leaves at least 5 Israeli dead in Tel Aviv

Speaking about the importance of Earth Day in Palestine, Khalid al-Batsh said the Palestinians are committed to their rights in the land of Palestine and that the international community must lift the siege of the Gaza Strip and support the rights of the Palestinian people.

The 30th day of March in Palestine is called "Earth Day" and is celebrated by the people. Earth Day naming dates back to the 1976 developments in Palestine, The day the Zionist occupiers confiscated most of the Palestinian lands.

The Palestinian people protested in response to the occupiers' action, and some Palestinians were martyred and wounded by the Israeli military. 


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