Syria demanded the UN Human Rights Council to hold Israel accountable for its systematic crimes in the occupied Syrian Golan which include intensifying the settlement building, the theft of lands and natural resources, in addition to practices of the demographic change.

Iran Press/America: In a statement on Friday during the 49th session of Human Rights Council, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Hussam Eddin Ala addressed Israeli grave violations in the occupied Palestinian lands, including al-Quds, and in the occupied Syrian Golan, along with the deteriorated humanitarian conditions.

He added that these violations are due to the repeated Israeli aggressions and blockades being carried out against besieged Gaza strip for 15 years are still the most prominent feature of the situation there.

“The Israeli regime is still carrying out its grave violations against the Palestinians and Golan’s people, intensifying its settlement, seizing lands and plundering the natural resources,” Ala added.

The Syrian ambassador reiterated Syria’s rejection of the illegal settlement schemes carried out by the occupation aimed at changing the legal and demographic feature of the occupied Syrian Golan,

He called for the non-recognition of any status resulting from the illegal measures of Israeli occupation, along with refraining any process that consolidates it.

Ala went on to say “Syria condemns the occupation in Golan and calls on the Human Rights Council to document these practices and hold Israel accountable for them”.

He added that the Israeli aggressions would not be carried out without the limitless support of the West and the U.S.

“Syria stresses its firm right to restore Golan completely and categorically refuses the unilateral measures taken by the Israeli regime to consolidate its occupation,” Ala concluded. 219