Tehran(IP): The spokesman for Iran's Judiciary said that the investigation of the ringleaders of Al-Ahwaziyah and Tondar terrorist outfits is underway by observing necessary standards.

Iran PressIran News: The spokesman for Iran's Judiciary said: "The case of the ringleaders of the two terrorist outfits of Al-Ahwaziyah and Tondar is being investigated from the international and domestic aspects while observing the necessary standards."

Zabihullah Khodaeian at a press conference on Tuesday told Iran Press correspondent that the investigation into the cases of these terrorists continues and the trials will be held in public.

He said that compared to cases pending in other countries, in which people are held in temporary and solitary confinement, these trials are conducted in full compliance with international and domestic crime standards.

Khodaeian stressed that the defendants have access to a lawyer, they can contact their families and the court hearings are public.

Referring to the martyrdom of a number of Pakistanis in the recent terrorist attack, Khodaian continued: "In this terrorist incident, 50 people were martyred, but no sensitivity was created in these countries and it was not covered by foreign media, and this shows that the issue of human rights has been politicized and not all human beings have an equal value in Westerners' eyes."

He added that during the feasts of Sah'aban, 12,240 prisoners were either pardoned or their sentences have been commuted by the order of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

He added that 2,277 people were pardoned during the recent holidays.

According to Khodaeian, also, 32,000 people are currently on furlough from prison, and more will be pardoned or will be granted temporary release from prison during Nowruz.

Khodaeian also referred to the activity of manufacturing units, explaining that so far 2,000 manufacturing units across the country have been activated with the help of the judiciary.

Khodaeian stated that the judiciary prioritizes measures to promote domestic production, such as providing legal advice to entrepreneurs and producers, as well as following up to prevent bankruptcy and fight against the smuggling of goods and currency.


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