Once a year Mother's Day is observed in Iran, commemorating the birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatimeh (A.S.), daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)).

Iran PressIran news: To Muslim believers, Hazrat Fatimah Zahra is a perfect symbol of affection and motherhood. Thanks to having many virtues and dignities, she has left many lessons to be learned by all women throughout history.

On this special day, we want our mother to know that we owe her everything and although we failed to realize it at times or show gratitude we do have our committed love for our mother and we know that even we don't express it she can feel our affections.

It is really a beautiful way of expressing your feeling for your mothers who have brought you into this world, protected and given you all the love they had in order to raise you into fine, good human beings. So join in this lovely celebration.

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