Iran President, Ebrahim Raisi

Tehran(IP) - In a message, Iran's President called the student martyrs the educated pioneers of self-sacrifice and martyrdom.

Iran PressIran News: Ebrahim Raisi, on Thursday, in a message on the 41st anniversary of the eternal epic of Hoveyzeh and the commemoration of Student Martyrs' Day, emphasized: "The presence and martyrdom of Muslim and militant students following the Imam's line along with different walks of life, indicates that the Islamic Republic has always benefited from the ability of students in running the country and their brilliant presence at high levels, especially in war and construction jihad."

This message adds: "The high names of thousands of martyred students shine as the source of the honors of the Islamic Republic and their pure blood has irrigated the noble tree of the Islamic Revolution and guaranteed the pride and glory of the country."

Reisi emphasized in the message: "The student martyrs combined intellect, science, belief and became educated pioneers of self-sacrifice and martyrdom and graduated in jihad for the sake of God and at the university of resistance and stability with the highest degrees."


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