Tehran, Bishkek to boost bilateral ties, regional cooperation

Tehran(IP) - Iran's Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) met with the Chairman of the National Security Council of Kyrgyzstan and stressed the importance of expanding bilateral relations and regional cooperation between the two sides.

Iran PressIran news: Vice President and Chairman of the Kyrgyz National Security Council, Talaatbek Mossadeghov, who is in Tehran for a three-day official visit, this morning, met with Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, Representative of Iran's Leader and Secretary of Iran' Supreme National Security Council (SNSC).

Two sides discussed a wide range of bilateral, regional, and international cooperation.

During the meeting, the two sides emphasized the expansion of comprehensive cooperation between Tehran and Bishkek in the political, security, and economic fields.

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Rear Admiral Shamkhani, referring to the commonalities of civilization and shared interests and threats, stated: "With proper planning, cooperation between the two countries can be expanded and deepened at all levels."

Explaining Iran's capabilities in the fields of transit, energy, science, medicine, technology, IT, and knowledge-based companies, Iran's Secretary of Supreme National Security Council announced the readiness of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the comprehensive development of cooperation between the two countries.

Tensions in the region, the aftermath of US interventions

Referring to the developments in Afghanistan, Rear Admiral Shamkhani noted that the current difficult situation in the area, especially the situation in Afghanistan, is the result of the wrong and crisis-making policies of the United States in the place and more than 20 years of Washington occupation in Afghanistan.

The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran said: "Considering the need to create peace, stability and lasting security in Afghanistan, we consider the formation of an inclusive government with the participation of all ethnic groups as important components to achieve such a goal."

During the meeting, Mossadeghov, Vice President and Chairman of the Kyrgyz National Security Council, expressed satisfaction with the visit to Iran and stressed the importance of significant similarities in the regional approaches of the two countries, saying that Kyrgyzstan is interested in improving its economy, political and security relations with Tehran.

Common concern of Tehran-Bishkek on Afghanistan humanitarian crisis

Referring to the common positions of Iran and Kyrgyzstan on the Afghan crisis, he said: "It is necessary for the countries of the region to help stabilize the country by taking joint and coordinated initiatives to prevent the formation of a humanitarian crisis, absolute poverty, and the growth of terrorism in Afghanistan."

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Mossadeghov mentioned the use of southern Iranian ports for the transit of goods to Kyrgyzstan as one of the priorities of cooperation between the two countries and added:

"Security cooperation and exchange of experiences in the fight against terrorism, narcotics and organized crime are among the important areas that can be put on the agenda of the development of Tehran-Bishkek relations."



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