Tehran (IP) - The Deputy for International Affairs of Iran's Judiciary says Iranians abroad who seek investments in the country should be facilitated.

Iran PressIran news: The Iranians abroad who have innovation plans must be provided with the necessary space, based on their talents as a precious asset, Kazem Gharibabadi told reporters following a Joint meeting  held to discuss the issue of Iranians abroad.

The joint meeting was held in the presence of the Judiciary's Deputy Minister for International Affairs, the Secretary of the Human Rights Headquarters of the Islamic Republic of Iran and some other related organizations, including Iran's Parliament. 

Gharibabadi said: "By the sublime order of Iran's Judiciary Chief, Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei, consular services are provided to Iranians abroad, and the judicial authorities should not issue any ruling in this regard."

Elsewhere in his speech, he recalled the issue of Iranians imprisoned abroad, he said constant negotiations were being held with the relevant authorities in the target countries to solve the problems of Iranians imprisoned abroad. 

"Iran offers services to the families of some of the prisoners, who are inside the country to meet their livelihoods."

The Joint meeting to discuss Iranian issues living abroad was held on Tuesday in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Kazem Sajjadi, the Deputy for Foreign Affairs with the Deputy for International Affairs of Iran's Judiciary Kazem Gharibabadi.


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