Two Palestinian hunger-striking administrative detainees, including the longest, have ended their fast after reaching a deal with the Israeli occupation authorities to set them free.

Iran PressMiddle East: Kayed Fasfous, 31, from Dura, in the Hebron district, ended Monday his fast after 131 days of hunger strike in protest against his administrative detention for long periods of time without charge or trial. He will be set free on December 14.

His family said that Fasfous, who is married and a father to one child, will remain in hospital, where he was kept following a serious deterioration on his health due to the long fast, until his release to his home.

Earlier, Ayyad Hreimi, 28, from Bethlehem, also ended his hunger strike after two months of fast in protest against his long administrative detention.

Hreimi will be released on March 4 of next year after completing his current detention sentence.

Two administrative detainees remain on hunger strike including Hisham Abu Hawwash, who has been fasting for 98, and Loai Ashqar, who has been fasting for 43 days, awaiting a deal that would also secure their eventual release.