Mahallat (IP) - Khorheh temple, whose columns are still in place, is located in Khorheh village, one of the most important ancient and historical places in Markazi Province.

Iran PressIran News: Khorheh historical village is one of the spectacular and historical places of Mahallat county, which with its ancient and valuable monuments such as Khoreh temple, is a destination for tourists and history lovers.

The tall columns of the amazing and ancient temple of Khoreh are still standing and the area of ​​this temple has been excavated several times by archaeologists and evidence has been obtained from the Seleucid, Ashkanid, Sassanid and Islamic eras.

Khorheh temple has two stone pillars and is about eight meters high. The space, rooms, corridors and porch, and 12 pillars are different parts of the temple, of which only two large pillars have remained.
"Khorheh" in Avesta means the place where the sun rises and the word "Khor" means Yaylak or summer highland pasture.


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