Taliban's minister for borders:

The Minister of Borders and Tribes in the Taliban government described the talks with the Iranian side on borders and migrants as very constructive.

Iran PressAsia: Noorullah Noori, the Taliban's acting minister for borders and tribal affairs, told Iranian reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of Iranian and Taliban delegations in Kabul on Wednesday that they had discussed various issues and that the Taliban were satisfied with the consultations.

Noorullah Noori stated that the two sides agreed to coordinate and cooperate to establish security borders. "The Taliban assures Tehran that it is committed to friendship with and cooperation on other issues," the minister stressed.

Iran's Special Envoy for Afghanistan Hassan Kazemi Qomi is currently in Kabul and met with Taliban officials today to discuss various issues.

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Iran-Afghanistan Joint Cooperation Committees have started working

On the third day of the Iranian Special envoy's visit to Afghanistan, seven joint Iranian-Afghan cooperation committees started working in Kabul with the presence of the Iranian delegation and the heads of Agriculture, Refugee Affairs, Information, and Culture, Economy and Trade, and Industry ministries.

At the inauguration of the committees, Iran's special envoy for Afghanistan said: "Others do not allow Afghanistan to utilize its resources, but Iran is ready to help Afghanistan."

Iran envoy said: "We are not only looking to export goods to Afghanistan, but also to export technical and engineering services," Kazemi Qomi highlighted.


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