Kabul (IP) - A former political official in Afghanistan’s government stressed that sending food and exporting fuel to Afghanistan by Iran was important, adding that Iran had shown good cooperation and capacity in this regard.

Iran PressAsia: After the arrival of Iran's special envoy to Afghanistan, Hassan Kazemi-Ghomi, to Kabul, Mohammad Mirza Katawazai, an Afghan official, told Iran Press News Agency that Afghanistan was in a difficult situation and neighboring countries' cooperation with Afghanistan was important.

Mohammad Mirza Katawazi also called on the Afghan people and businessmen to be patriotic and contribute to Afghanistan’s development and not to leave the country.

Hassan Kazemi-Ghomi, Iran's special envoy to Afghanistan, arrived at Kabul airport on Monday morning and was welcomed by Taliban officials. He was accompanied by a political and economic delegation. 

Arriving in Kabul, the Iranian special envoy to Afghanistan said that Afghanistan had good potential for economic cooperation, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan are two neighboring and brotherly countries, and have a long history of bilateral relations.


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