Tehran (IP) - The Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment of Pakistan expressed interest in developing relations with Iran in all fields.

Iran PressIran News: In response to Iran Press, Abdul Razak Dawood stressed that the 9th Iran-Pakistan Joint Trade Committee (JTC) meeting was an opportunity to address the problems in the way of developing trade relations between the two countries.

Expressing his regret on not succeeding in ink and developing the Iran-Pakistan trade agreement in 2016, Abdul Razak Dawood said: 

"We wanted to increase trade volume between the two countries to $ 5 billion, which unfortunately did not happen in 2016, but we highly hope this meeting will lead us to what we intend to reach in trade and interactions."

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Dawood highlighted the necessity to shore up the ties between the two countries beyond the trade of goods and develop cultural and economic relations.

"We want progress in all areas, including the free transport of goods and trucks and cleanliness between the two countries, including in border markets," Abdul Razzaq Davood said.


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