Tehran (IP) - Sari, capital of Mazandaran Province, northern Iran, will be the tourism capital of ECO member countries in 2022. 

Iran PressIran News: The meeting of Sari city officials and ECO Cultural Institute was held on how to hold the "Sari of Tourism Capital of ECO in 2022" ceremony.

The meeting, which was held yesterday (Wednesday) at the Sari Municipality building, was attended by Sarvar Bakhti, President of the ECO Cultural Institute, Javad Talebi, Mayor of Sari, and members of the Sari City Council. The main topic of the meeting was the holding of the event called "Sari, the tourism capital of ECO in 2022". 

Sarvar Bakhti also visited "Fazeli House" and "Kolbadi House," which are among the tourism capacities of Sari city, together with Sari city officials.


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