The secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace stated that today's cyberattack on the smart gas system was carried out by a foreign country to disrupt delivering service to the people.

Iran Press/Iran news: Abolhassan Firoozabadi added: "It is too early to announce from which country and how this attack was carried out." With premediated security measures, it was not possible to access the citizens' data, he noted.

Today's cyber attack did not cause any hardware damage and the solution to the problem has been identified in a short period of time, and gradually by tomorrow at noon, the problem will be completely solved by modifying the software at all gas stations.

This attack was carried out by a foreign adversary with the aim of disrupting the service to the people, and recently we have witnessed the same type of attack in the railway system, which was resolved quickly.

Due to previous arrangements and the indigenous design of the smart system, no damage is done to people's information on the servers. The level of this attack was not high either, he noted. 219