Tehran (IP) - The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament said: "West Asia is in a very sensitive situation today and complex plans are underway to involve the countries of the region in civil wars."

Iran PressIran news: Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf added: "Dispute between the countries of the region to prevent the occurrence of economic cooperation and the establishment of lasting peace in the entire region is on the agenda of the United States and its allied forces."

Ghalibaf pointed out: "Tragic events such as the killing of innocent people in the Fatemieh Mosque in Kandahar and the attempt for civil war in Afghanistan, armed and illegal riots in Lebanon, divisiveness in Iraq and false and divisive statements by some regional leaders in the last week made these conspiracies more evident than before."

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The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated: "The Islamic Republic of Iran wants to maintain stability and security throughout the region and considers the people's will in any country as a source of freedom from disputes and a factor in thwarting conspiracies."

He stressed: "Any division and any action that violates security throughout the region is condemned, and all countries must work to establish lasting peace and stability and increase economic relations within the region."

Ghalibaf called on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to actively reflect and follow the wise and prudent positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran in these sensitive circumstances and to maintain stability in the region while taking the necessary measures.


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