Tehran (IP)- The Judiciary spokesman highlighted that the US, whether directly or indirectly, has been involved in terrorist acts in the region.

Iran PressIran news: In response to Iran Press on the prosecution of Iranian nuclear scientists' murderers, Zabihullah Khodaian stressed that the US is behind the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists.

"The criminal aspects of the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists was investigated and a lawsuit has been filed in this regard," said Khodaian.

According to the law, Iran's Judiciary can investigate any crimes, especially by the US, so the prosecution of Iranian nuclear scientists' murderers is being investigated at Tehran court, Khodaian noted. 

"The families of the nuclear martyrs and a group of people filed a lawsuit against the US, and the last session of the court has been convened last week, and the lawyers requested a deadline to submit their latest bills," clarified the Judiciary spokesman. 

The lawyer of the martyrs' families said that some of the individuals and legal entities, including former US Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, the US Secretaries of State John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and other relevant officials, are responsible for the charge.

Khodaian added: "The lawsuit has been filed against individuals and legal entities of the US government who have been involved in the assassination of our scientists, and the families of the martyrs are demanding for the damages and in an immediate future the verdict will be announced publicly."


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