Middle East(IP): The leader of the Bahraini Islamic Movement stressed the need for vigilance against the conspiracies of the enemies of Islam, especially their attempts to grow divisions.

Iran PressMiddle East: Sheikh Isa Qassim said in a message to the people of Bahrain and the Islamic Ummah on Saturday: "In the light of the sharp differences between the nation and the government over the normalization of relations with the Zionist enemy and the issue of political rights and other civil rights, including freedoms reserved to the prisoner (during his incarceration), the nation must beware of attempts by hostile policy makers to divert their attention from key issues.

Sheikh Isa Qassim stated that in this situation, the offensive against Islam has spread with the aim of tarnishing its image and destroying it, and the tyrannical powers as well as local powers from within the ummah are involved in it, and the conspiratorial parties such as ISIL are involved in shedding their forbidden blood and desecrating Islam.

The leader of the Islamic Movement of Bahrain also emphasized that every house of the believer who has religious zeal and every pen with insight that helps the religion with every language that he speaks and does the obligatory command of the good and the prohibition of the bad and every cultural institution that values ​​the religion which knows Islam and every party that truly believes in Islam must present Islam to the new and future generations as it is, and we must all be vigilant and active and not rest on the path of spreading Islam.

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