President Ebrahim Raisi said:

Shiraz (IP) - President Ebrahim Raisi stressed that after nationwide coronavirus vaccination, the second and simultaneous step of the government is improving people's livelihood, controlling inflation, and supporting businesses.

Iran PressIran news: Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi in a meeting with elites, scholars, and representatives of the people of Fars province said that one of the main focuses of his government is the realization of justice and eliminating backwardness.

Speaking on Thursday at Fars province, Ebrahim Raisi said: "What we are looking for today, and the Declaration of the Second Step of the Islamic Revolution emphasizes it, is to compensate for the backwardness, and one of the most important backwardness is the realization of justice".

President Raisi noting that "Fars province is the center of agriculture, mining, industry, tourism, services and trade", said: "Employment is one of the basic rights of the people and all government departments and agencies must feel responsible and strive to create employment".

Iranian President said: "At the beginning of the government, we defined the first priority as the fight against coronavirus, which, we have largely overcome this problem today with extensive vaccination".

He added: "The second and, of course, simultaneous step of the government was to pay attention to people's livelihood, control inflation, and to support businesses, which we can focus on easier today with the relative control of corona".

President Raisi noted the high capacity of Fars province as one of the health tourism hubs and said, "More than 100 plans have been finalized for Fars province, and their implementation will solve an important part of the province's problems".


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