Sixth International Conference of Mujahidin in Abroad

Tehran (IP) - Head of the 'Sixth International Conference of Mujahidin in Abroad' said: "The world is changing fast and we will witness the post-US world, and the oppressed nations will achieve their rights again."

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the 'Sixth International Conference of Mujahidin in Abroad,' Hossein Akbari stated that the Zionist regime designed all US conspiracies.

Akbari pointed out that the US former president Donald Trump has offered many services to the Israelis to achieve his interests in the region, such as the "Deal of the Century" and "normalization of ties with Arab countries," but all doomed to failure when faced Resistance.

"Biden administration confessed that the Trump administration made a big strategic mistake by assassinating Lt. Gen. Soleimani, intending to prevent the Resistance, but not only Resistance has not stopped, also expanded more," he noted.

"To achieve their interests in the region, the US officials established terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda but again failed," he added. 

As the next keynote speaker, the secretary of the 'Sixth International Conference of Mujahidin in Abroad' said: "We should be able to develop Iran's power by relying on the capabilities of the capacities inside the country."

Highlighting that the US power is declining, Mohammad Tehrani-Moghaddam stated that the 'Sixth International Conference of Mujahidin in Abroad' will be held with the motto of "The impact of resistance on the US decline, and its withdrawal from the region" with the attendance of leaders of Resistance Front and 28 countries in cooperation with Astan Qods Razavi, the Ahlul Bayt World Assembly (ABWA) on Oct.6, 2021, in Tehran.

"Also, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Venezuela, and Cuba ambassadors, representatives from embassies of other countries will also attend the ceremony," he added.

"At the end of the conference eight Mujahids from different countries will be honored, as well as Ali Landi's family, the National Hero (A 15-year-old Iranian boy who sacrificed his life to save the lives of two women)," he concluded.


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