Tehran (IP) - The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs has stated that any challenges that impact women's welfare must be resolved.

Iran PressIran news: In response to Iran Press in her first press conference on Monday, Ensieh Khazali said that women must perform their activities in society without any stress or concerns.

Anything that challenges women's welfare must be resolved because any challenge contradicts the overall policy of the Islamic establishment, the official added.

In her meeting with some elite women, Khazali called for the implementation of childbearing and employment policies because of the critical role of these two factors in the country's population and ensuring that the population is not aged.

Elsewhere in her remarks, the VP stated that the journalists play a key role in disseminating the truth, eliminating discrimination, implementing justice because the enemies are striving to undermine the women and family's role in society.

The law on facilitating the marriage both in financial and spiritual areas will be implemented with President Raisi's support, the high-ranking official went on to say.

The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs in her remarked noted that identifying women's vulnerabilities, and threats in economic, educational, and legal fields, to improve their lifestyle is a prerequisite.

Khazali added: "Entrepreneurship, security, and creating job opportunities for female-run households are our priorities."

Having different capabilities and capacities in sport, Iranian women can achieve promising successes in international arenas, the VP highlighted, stressing that to introduce Iran, revolution's values, and Iranian civilization to the world, improving lifestyle is necessary.


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