President Raisi:

Dushanbe (IP): Iranian President called the Iranian nationals as ambassadors of Islamic Republic of Iran and the symbol of its greatness.

Iran PressAsia: Ebrahim Raisi, on Thursday night at the end of the first day of his visit to Tajikistan, attended a gathering of Iranians residing in the country, at the Iranian Embassy in Dushanbe, stating that Iranians everywhere are ambassadors of Iran and the symbol of its greatness.

He also stated: "The enemy has tried to create obstacles in the way of the progress of the Iranian nation, but the Iranian nation has shown with the determination that it removes all obstacles from the path of its growth and excellence."

According to the President's Official website, Ebrahim Raisi described Iranians abroad as a precious opportunity and capacity for the development of Islamic Iran and added: "Dear Iranians abroad, have always tried to use their resources and capabilities in the economic, scientific, technical and engineering fields."

Raisi also pointed out that neighboring countries, especially those that share a common civilization with Iran, prefer to expand their relations with Iran in all areas, adding: "It is true that the official and organizational part of the country is responsible for establishing and developing foreign relations with the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies, but Iranians abroad, including those residing in Tajikistan, have an effective and important role in expanding and deepening Iran's relations with other countries."

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran considered the activation and prosperity of exports of goods and services from Iran to neighboring countries and the region as one of the main and prioritized programs of the Iranian government and noted: "Exports of goods and services from Iran to other countries, especially neighbors can be an important factor in improving the level of Iran's foreign relations."

"Raisi continued his speech by stating that today there is a platform for Iranians abroad to invest in various sectors and the security of capital and investors is fully guaranteed, noting:

The security of "investment" depends on the security of "capital" and the security of "investor", both of which are guaranteed by the Iranian government and provide the ground for Iranians to invest in the country in various ways, including facilitating and accelerating the issuance of licenses. We support the activities of Iranian companies abroad.

Before the speech of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Taqi Saberi, the Ambassador of Iran to Tajikistan, in a speech referring to the deep historical, cultural, and civilizational similarities between Iran and Tajikistan, noted the conclusion of more than 170 cooperation agreements between Tehran and Dushanbe.

Despite good examples of economic cooperation between the two countries, there are many areas and capacities to improve the level of economic, cultural, and technical relations between Iran and Tajikistan.


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