After six Palestinians broke out of an Israeli prison through a tunnel dug beneath a sink, dozen of protesters mock the Israeli regime by throwing hundreds of spoons in front of the regime embassy in Washington.

Iran PressAmerica: Six Palestinians broke out of an Israeli prison last Monday through a tunnel dug beneath a sink.

The prisoners escaped from Gilboa prison, which is considered one of Israel’s most secured facilities. Such breakouts are extremely rare.

The prisoners had used a rusted spoon to dig the hole and managed their way out of the prison without being detected by Israeli prison officials.

The prisoners include a former leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade while five others belong to Gaza-based Islamic Jihad.

Meanwhile, celebrations broke out in Gaza as members of Islamic Jihad distributed sweets to celebrate what they call heroic operations by six heroes.

In Washington, dozens of Palestinian supporters throw hundreds of spoons to mock Israeli prison officials.

Violations of Palestinian prisoners rights in Israeli jails is one of the hot topics for human rights activists in the middle east and across the world.


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