The UN special envoy for Yemen stated that Sanaa Airport and the port of Al Hudaydah must resume their operation to facilitate humanitarian aid.

Iran Press/America: Referring to the escalation of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, Hans Grundberg stressed that the operation of Sanaa Airport and the port of Al Hudaydah should be resumed as soon as possible.

Martin Griffiths, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, recently called for the reopening of Sanaa International Airport and the port of Al Hudaydah as soon as possible for humanitarian aid and the transferring Yemeni patients and wounded abroad; he has also stressed that the humanitarian situation in the country is catastrophic.

The United Nations has previously said that Yemen is facing the worst food crisis in the world.

Sanaa International Airport has been closed since 2016 due to an air siege by the invading Saudi coalition. This airport was one of the ways to send food and medicine to Yemen.

The port of Al Hudaydahhd is also the main hub for sending humanitarian aid to Yemen.

The Saudi coalition has been attacking Yemen since March 2015 under the pretext of restoring legitimacy to the ousted government of Mansour Hadi, placing Yemen under land, air, and sea siege. These aggressions and sieges have resulted in nothing but famine and killing for the Yemeni people. 219