The UN Security Council Monday adopted a resolution on Afghanistan urging the Taliban to adhere to the safe exit of Afghans and foreign nationals.

Iran PressAmerica: The UN Security Council adopted the resolution by 13 votes in favor and two abstentions.

The resolution was proposed by the United States and supported by France and Britain. China and Russia abstained. The resolution referred to the Taliban statement on 27 August 2021, in which they pledged that Afghans would be able to travel abroad whenever they wished to leave Afghanistan and from any border crossing.

Air and land, including at Kabul airport, have been reopened and secured, and no one is preventing them from traveling.

UN Security Council members strongly condemned ISIL's recent suicide attack on Kabul International Airport and called for Afghan territory to threaten or attack any country, or to shelter or train terrorists, or to plan or finance terrorist acts.

The UN Security Council resolution also emphasizes the importance of protecting the rights of women, children, and minorities, and encourages all parties to seek a comprehensive political solution through negotiation with the full participation and meaningful equality of women.

The resolution called for intensified efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and called on all parties to allow full, safe, and unhindered access to the United Nations.

Its specialized agencies and executive partners, and all those involved in humanitarian assistance. Humanitarian activists are active, offer.

Earlier in the day, diplomats said the United States was seeking a resolution at Monday's UN Security Council meeting on the safe departure of foreign and Afghan nationals after the deadline for its troops to leave Afghanistan.

Diplomats told IRNA that Washington was seeking a resolution that would allow foreigners and Afghans to leave Afghanistan safely and safely after the deadline for US President Joe Biden's announcement ends on August 31 (September 9), which expires tomorrow.