Tehran (IP) - Iranian MP called Ali Akbar Mehrabian a hard-working director, saying that his plans have been approved by three commissions.

Iran PressIran news:  Abdolahi Rahimi-Mozaffari, as the approving MP of the proposed Minister of Energy in the open court of the Iranian Parliament, said that Ali Akbar Mehrabian had worked as a special assistant to the President in 350 projects within the Ministry of Energy.

He added that special attention to the distribution of renewable electricity requires a person who knows the country well and the proposed minister has this capacity.

Rahimi-Mozaffari also said that the development of scattered power plants, the construction of power plants by next year, and the commissioning of shut down power plants require a person with a jihadist way of thinking.

Another representative in favor of the proposed Minister of Energy, Parviz Mohammadnejad, related to the education of the proposed minister to the field of energy said that his record confirms his comprehensive and management in this field.

Mohammadnejad added that Mehrabian has completed 13 semi-finished power plant projects that have added 6000 megawatts to the country's electricity capacity. 38 dam construction projects with 12000 billion cubic meters of water storage are among measures taken by Mehrabian.

Mohammadnejad also called energy and electricity the Achilles heel of the current government, saying: "If we do not think about electricity supply today, we will face major problems."


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