Proposed oil minister:

Tehran (IP) - Defending his plans in the open session of Iran's Parliament on Wednesday, the proposed oil minister said the oil industry was at the forefront of the economic war when the country was under sanctions.

Iran PressIran News: Javad Oji called the oil industry the main economic opportunity of the country, which had a significant role in the economic development of Iran and provided more than 95% of the country's energy.

Oji said the industry had suffered damage during the economic war due to the imprudent measures and the pressure of sanctions.

"Selling oil and petrochemical products and attracting foreign investment are the most important areas of confronting with the world's arrogant powers," he added. 

Reduction of sales of oil and gas liquids due to sanctions, development of the joint fields and exploitation of them, avoidance of crude sales, and reconstruction of oil industry equipment with a lifetime of more than 50 years were among the issues addressed by the proposed minister.

He stressed the resistant economy as his main approach to solving the relevant problems, vowing to use the capabilities of the experts in order to neutralize the sanctions and increase the oil sale through identifying new markets. 


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