The Secretary-General of Yemen's Ansarullah Movement said the Israeli regime, its advocates, and those compromised with the regime would all surely be defeated.

Iran PressMiddle East: Delivering a speech on Monday, Abdul Malik Badr el-Din al-Houthi said those who normalized ties with the Israeli regime, exonerated the regime from its crimes and blamed the resistance movements. 

Al-Houthi referred to the recent battle in Gaza and the defeat of the Israeli regime against the Palestinian resistance groups and noted that the Sword of Quds operation distinguished the Muslim Ummah from those normalized relations with the regime.

He also slammed the Saudi courts' verdicts against the Palestinian figures kidnapped in Saudi Arabia and reiterated: "We once again condemn the cruel Saudi rulings against the abducted Palestinians."

"We reiterate our offer to exchange the Saudi officers we captured for the release of Palestinian abductees," he added. 

A Riyadh court on Sunday sentenced 69 Palestinian and Jordanian detainees, with a maximum of 22 years and a minimum of six months in prison, and allowed only one family member of each detainee to attend the trial session. 219