Tehran (IP) - Iran's new President called the current ties between his country and Pakistan inseparable.

Iran PressIran news: Receiving Pakistan's Senate Speaker Mohamad Sadigh Sanjarani on Wednesday, Ebrahim Raisi stressed identifying and activating the capacities of Iran and Pakistan to the benefit of the two countries. 

Raisi expressed concerns about the present situation in Afghanistan and stressed the cooperation of Iran and Pakistan to maintain sustainable peace and security in the crisis-hit country, saying: "The situation of the Afghan people is worrying and we must work together to prevent these Muslim people from further harm."

He described the presence of the US at any point in the world as disastrous and emphasized the Afghan people's role in determining their own fate without the intervention of the foreign countries. 

Pakistan's Senate Speaker Muhamad Sadigh Sanjarani for his part conveyed the Pakistani President and Prime Minister's greetings and congratulations to the new Iranian president and said: "The United States is a major cause of insecurity in various regions, and given the current situation in the region, we ask you to coordinate between Islamic countries to establish peace and security in the region."

He pointed to the close relations between Iran and Pakistan and said: "We are confident that with your positive outlook on the development of relations with Pakistan, the level of cooperation between the two countries in all areas will increase significantly."


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