Iran's health official:

Tehran (IP) – Iran's National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus spokesman said that more than 164 countries had been infected with the COVID Delta variant.

Iran PressIran News: Alireza Raisi, In a press conference on Saturday describing the latest COVID situation in Iran, stated that 29 provinces had been infected with the COVID Delta variant, and the number of hospital admissions is high.

He pointed out that if health protocols were not followed at a high level, a heavier COVID wave would be observed in the coming weeks.

Stressing the importance of vaccination to fight against the virus, he said the death toll and hospitalization rates were lower among those vaccinated.

Alireza Raisi noted that the amount of COVID vaccine import is acceptable, and about 7 million doses of vaccine would be delivered to the Health Ministry by August 22.

He also went on to say that the vaccination speed in Iran is acceptable, and people over 55 can register for vaccination.


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