A spokesman for the al-Nujaba movement said the continuation of the presence of the US combat forces in Iraq is a new deception and that Iraqi resistance groups would target them under any name or title.

Iran PressMiddle East: Nasr al-Shammari, a spokesman for the Nujaba Movement, told Al-Mayadin that all Iraqi officials had repeatedly said that Iraq does not need any foreign forces to ensure its stability and has sufficient resources and capabilities in this regard.

Referring to the collapse of Iraq's military-security apparatus following the rise of ISIS, the Nujaba deputy secretary-general said the presence of US forces was useless. They did not help when Iraq needed them the most.

Emphasizing that the Americans are changing the title of their presence in Iraq to deceive public opinion, al-Shammari said: "The presence of American forces on Iraqi soil, under any pretext, will not benefit the country." 219