Iran President-elect Ebrahim Raisi

Tehran (IP) – Iran's President-elect stating that in the thirteenth government, we will not delay even one day to solve the problems of Khuzestan, called for prioritizing issues and spending part of Khuzestan's income for the development of this province.

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi, on Thursday, in a special meeting to review the issues of Khuzestan province, addressed the province's problems in various fields, especially water shortage. 

Raisi expressed his deep concern about the situation of the people of Khuzestan province and said: "In order not to waste time until the formation of the new government, we convened this meeting to find operational solutions to solve the problems of the province and to implement everything possible from now."

He emphasized forming a strategic council to study the situation in Khuzestan province and said: "The views and strategies of this council to solve the problems of the people of Khuzestan will be considered by the 13th government."

Iran's President-elect, emphasizing that any cost in Khuzestan to solve the problems of water, sewage and development and job creation is considered an investment and not a cost, said: "Undoubtedly, part of the great wealth that God has placed in the land of Khuzestan should be spent on the development and meeting the basic needs of the province."


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