During a televised speech on Sunday, the Cuban President said that the US is in an illusion of being a world emperor.

Iran PressAmerica: Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez appeared before the country's public TV, from where he addressed the people.

During his statements, the Head of State denounced the participation of the US administration in the historic political destabilization actions that are taking place against Cuba and which have intensified, particularly during the pandemic.

He also went on to say that the United States began to intensify the blockade against the energy sector to suffocate our economy to provoke a social outbreak, to sow the possibilities of calling for a humanitarian intervention that ends in the military intervention that affects the rights, sovereignty, and independence of all peoples.

He noted to the former US president Trumpaction including Cuba in a list of countries sponsors of terrorism, as "a spurious, illegitimate and unilateral list that the United States government has adopted, believing themselves the emperors of the world." 

These restrictions led the country to immediately cut off various sources of foreign exchange income such as tourism, Cuban-American travel to our country, and remittances.

A plan was made to discredit the Cuban medical brigades and the solidarity collaborations provided by Cuba, which received an important part of foreign exchange for that collaboration, Miguel Diaz Canel added.


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