Tehran (IP) - Every year, Shia Muslims worldwide gather in the holy shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH) to celebrate the birthday anniversary of the eighth Shia Imam.

Iran PressIran news: This year, however, the shrine is less crowded due to coronavirus restrictions and pilgrims observe social distancing and health protocols. 

Imam Reza’s birthday is celebrated on the 11th day of the lunar Hijri month of Dhul Qaada, which falls on Tuesday, June 22, this year.

Imam Reza was martyred in the year 818 AD, according to historical accounts. He was invited by Abbassid caliph Ma’moun from Medina to the modern-day Iranian city of Mashhad to hold the position of the crown prince of the Islamic territory.

During his tenure, Imam Reza exposed the corruption of the Abbasid dynasty, which led to the tragic fate of his poisoning by Ma’mun.

Iranians call Imam Reza, the guarantor of the deer because of a story about a deer trapped by a haunter. Imam Reza guaranteed the deer so that she could go and breastfeed her fawns and then return.

The magnificent celebrations of the birth anniversary of the eighth Shia Imam across Iran are a true testament to the long-standing love Iranians have for Imam Reza.


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