Tehran (IP) - Iran's High Council for Human rights reacted to the harassment of Iranians abroad on the day of the presidential election.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's High Council for Human rights wrote in a tweet on Saturday in response to the harassment and beatings of Iranians abroad on the day of the presidential election: "Iranians living in Britain, Australia and New Zealand who went to the polls to determine their own destiny were harassed despite the presence of the police."

Simultaneously with the holding of the thirteenth presidential election in Iran, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also provided the ground for Iranians living in other countries to vote; In this context, there have been numerous reports of attacks on Iranians who had come to vote.

Similar incidents have been reported in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, all of which are former British colonies.

Iran's Elections Headquarters announced on Saturday early morning that the voting process for the presidential election is ended at 2:00 am local time and the counting of votes has begun.

Jamal Orf, the Election Headquarters Chief announced on Saturday that Ebrahim Raisi with 17.800.000 votes is the forerunner in the presidential election and almost the final result is clear.

The final results of Iran's presidential election have not yet published officially.


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