Tehran (IP) - The Leader of the Islamic Revolution after participating in the election this morning, has underlined that election day is the day that belongs to the people of Iran; ‌Today they are the forerunners.

Iran PressIran news: Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, cast his ballot this morning in the first minutes of voting for the 13th presidential election and the election of city and rural Islamic councils.

The Leader then addressed the people of Iran, the most important points of his speech are as follows:

- Election day is the day of the people of Iran; ‌Today they are the forerunners. There are people who, by going to the polls and voting, determine the general and fundamental task of the country for the coming years.

- Today belongs to the people and whatever the Iranian nation does today until night, from being by the ballot box and voting, is the builder of our future and our destiny for next coming years. This is precisely why human intellect dictates that everyone take part in this great national test.

- The fact that I repeatedly invite people to participate in elections is that its first effect and result of this presence go back to the people themselves; of course, with this presence, the country and the system of the Islamic Republic will also achieve great advantages in the international arena.

- Come, recognize and vote; this is important for the future of the country and the people.

- A vote is also important; let no one say what will happen to my vote? This one vote makes a change when counted and will cause millions of votes.

- Enter with divine intention and do this important work as soon as possible; there are many hours until the end of time, but the sooner you do this task the better.

- May God Almighty bless your votes, people, and be able to pave the ground for a good future for the country with your votes.

- God willing, with the blessing of Imam Reza (AS), to whom these days belong, be a celebration for the people of Iran today, and this will be by God's grace, and the nation will benefit from this election.


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