Large protests have taken place in Abouja, Nigeria's capital,  with protesters calling for the immediate release of the head of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, (IMN ) , Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, and his wife.

The prominent Nigerian cleric, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky , his wife and a number of his followers  were arrested in December 2015,  when the Nigerian army attacked the Zakzaky home in the town of Zaria, in Kaduna state in northern Nigeria.  The brutal attack on the Sheikh's home , resulted in the killing of two of his sons,  and the arrest of a large number of his followers. The Sheikh and his wife were beaten up by the Nigerian army, and injured in this attack.

Recently, Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) held another protest in Abuja, calling for release of Sheikh Zakzaky.

So far, 42 protesters have been injured  by live rounds fired by the Nigerian army at the protesters. Many of the protesters have been arrested for simply taking part in the protests and calling for the release of the prominent Nigerian cleric. 

Residents of Abouja have regularly  held protests after Friday prayers, calling for the release of the head of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria has called on the federal government "to listen to reason and to release Sheikh Zakzaky immediately".